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Book Overview

Nat Cramond looks back at the challenges she overcame after being involved in a hit-and-run car accident in this memoir.

Initially, she was diagnosed with whiplash, which meant she needed to take time off work due to the physical nature of her job in the disability support sector.

Her symptoms did not improve, however, and after six months she went back to her doctor and received a shocking diagnosis—one that led to more weakness and pain.

As a result, her life was turned upside down, and she needed to take several months off work while facing declining health and a battle with an insurance company that lasted years.

In this account, she shares her struggles, the details of her diagnosis, and the feelings of shame and anguish she battled after being involved in the accident. Although she was often close to despair, she found that there were things she could still be thankful for even in the midst of treatment.

Nat Cramond

Nat Cramond has had a varied career. She earned a Bachelor of Christian Ministry, a graduate certificate in TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages), and certificates in disability and mental health. She has also studied languages and lived with a life-changing injury. She has experience working in the education and disability sectors and is currently working in a supermarket in South Australia.